Interview: Elle-louise Burguez

Posted on July 19 2020
“Tell us a little about yourself”

I am a painter and musician and constantly trying to learn and grow and be the best and most loving version of myself.

“Where did you grow up and what is your favourite childhood memory?”

I grew up in QLD Australia. Between Brisbane and the beach on the Sunshine Coast. My favourite childhood memory would have to be a mixture of all the days spent on our humble little yellow boat called ‘The Bay Lady’. My parents and I would swim and picnic on the boat and some days I would bring a friend a long. We would find little banks of sand to stop on and it felt like we were on our own secret island with white sand and crystal-aqua blue water. It felt magical and very happy. I am always nostalgic for those carefree days and trying to feel the same freedom and calm in my heart.

“How did you get into music?”

Music has always been around me. I was premature as a baby and my family used many things to help me heal and one way was to always have classical music playing. Both sides of the family are very musical. I started piano and singing at 4 years old and haven’t really stopped since. That being said, with all these years practice I could have become far more skilled. I tend to just be an intuitive musician and play more by ear. My family has always sung songs together in big groups or intimate groups.. by the piano, drinks in hand or just hand in hand. Music makes me SO emotional and it is a very big part of my life. To sing is to express myself in the most vulnerable and purest way. I love it.

There are NO rules. Be free like when you were a little kid. Just keep playing. Get a book with lots of paper and just keep painting.