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The masterminds behind Tale of Two are Inka and Modhy Fitria, a pair of Balinese sisters with a strong penchant for ethical fashion and environmental preservation.

Their fashion excursion started at a very early age, developing and intensifying their budding interest through seeing their mother sew original clothes for them as most commercial clothes proved too big for their “petite” builds. From then on, as they reached adolescence, they delighted in going around Denpasar, the heart of Bali, to hunt for clothing materials to take to local tailors so they may produce clothes to their own specifications and already evident preferences.

Throughout their early careers, Inka and Modhy worked in different industries, but they found their true calling in the form of their collective love for fashion and design. This prompted them to re-unite and collaborate to pursue their shared dream, which led to Tale of Two’s inception in 2019.

Inka and Modhy self-curate every Tale of Two design and print with the aim of amalgamating comfort and sophistication. The crux of their vision is to make Tale of Two’s customers comfortably and effortlessly stylish. This sensibility forms the core of Tale of Two’s DNA. Tale of Two’s ever-present mission is to continue innovating and providing uniquely simple wardrobe staples that are ethically made, suitable for any occasion and affordable to its customers.

Tale of Two places the greatest emphasis on being the antithesis to how the fashion industry at large harms the environment with its outdated methods. To achieve this, Tale of Two implements a pre-order system, in which customers choose the product(s) they wish to purchase which then is hand made in Bali using biodegradable materials and eco-friendly ink. The aforementioned system shows great awareness because.

The environmental damage caused by the fashion industry exceeds that of any other industry because of the excessive waste while creating large stocks of their products, most of which don’t end up getting sold.
Tale of Two takes the first steps to promote awareness and eradicate this toxic trend with the progressive and forward-thinking pre-order method.